Special treatment is usually needed for players who are exceptionally hard on their feet and ankles. Our sporting activities medication specialty provides relief for disorders like stress fractures, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis and neuromas.

You may be a professional, a newbie or maybe you are training for a marathon and are suddenly experiencing foot or leg pain. Dr. Stam has the training and experience to give you the relief you need.

Sports-related illnesses can occur as a result of injuries, wear-and-tear or puanteur. Distinctive routines spot various types at a higher risk for ruin, therefore it is crucial that you go ahead and take required safety measures to guard your feet.

Strategy for sports-related illnesses can require surgical treatment, orthotics, physical therapy and rest.

Even though treatment may differ depending on the sort and severity of the disease, Dr. Stam is experienced when controlling sports athletes of each and every type to enable them to heal as quickly and also efficiently as possible in order to come back to their best.

Dr. Stam also makes use of one of the most advanced, non-invasive therapies available to ensure swift, yet complete recovery.Dr. Stam also educates his patients with safety measures to reduce the chance of accidental injuries and to provide you with optimal physical well being.