“I had plantar fasciitis in my left foot for about a year. I went to a podiatrist in Hialeah, Florida and he prescribed an anti-inflammatory and pain-killers to treat the fasciitis. I used to have a horrible pain, especially in the morning, every time I would take a step. It was as if needles were going into my heel. The prescription that I received from the doctor gave me a lot of pain in my stomach. Though the pain in my foot subsided a little, the pain that I got from the medication was a lot stronger than the pain in my foot. Therefore, I stopped going to the podiatrist in Hialeah. The pain continued in my foot until I found a doctor named Dr. Craig Stam. He told that because I have a sensitive stomach, I would have to use an orthopedic pad (custom-made orthotics). With the orthopedic pad (custom-made orthotics), the pain in my foot would eventually wear off. Now I wear the orthopedic pad every day and can go do extreme workouts without any pain in my foot. I sometimes feel slightly discomfort when I work out too hard or have a very busy day on my feet all day long. But it goes way after I rest. I want to thank Dr. Craig Stam for helping me in this endeavor that I had with my heel. He is a great doctor with a lot of knowledge. He and his staff are super friendly and really professional with their appeal.”
– Elizabeth G.
“My experience with toenail laser treatment had been very satisfactory. My toenails appearance had improved by 80%. I also used Keryflex, which is really remarkable since it makes the toenail looks real and had allowed me to use sandals with confidence.
The attention at the office is totally personalized and they make me feel like family or among friends.”

– Pilar R.
“For years my toenails increasingly became more discolored and yellow, to the point that I finally decided to go to a podiatrist to treat my condition. I discovered Dr. Craig Stam’s office and he clipped my toenails and lasered the affected area. After 2 sessions, the results were unbelievable! I also used an oil treatment along with the laser sessions and I am amazed at the progress in such a short amount of time. I would recommend this easy and affordable approach to toenail fungus to anyone who would like to rid themselves. ”
– Antonio L.
” We had been coming to Dr. Stam for 2.5 years now. We love Dr. Stam and his assistants.My kids play tennis, and I get the orthotics from him for their tennis shoes. Their game improved tremendously since they started using the orthotics and we are very happy with Dr. Stam. He helps us with everything that we need for our family!!. ”
– A. Buechele
“Thanks Dr. Craig Stam for the treatment. I am so happy for the results. I had the spider veins/ varicose veins treatment with laser and injections. I also had a vascular ultrasound performed and everything was perfect. The doctor is very kind and professional. The staff is also very considerate and attentive.”
– E. Korsakova
“Perfection all around. Dr. Stam is excellent. Very caring, takes his time, very helpful. The staff are such lovely people. Everything about my visits here have been so pleasant. Highly recommend!!”
– Eleonora R.
“Dr. Stam and staff are simply outstanding! It is a pleasure visiting their office. Dr. Stam is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and competent. He diagnosed my issue and put me on a comprehensive treatment plan that is much more thorough than my previous podiatrist. His staff is great as well. I highly recommend this office!”
– Mitchell L.
“Who knew going to the doctor would be so much fun? I literally limped in and danced out! Dr. Stam and his staff are the real deal. I can sum it all up in three words….affordable, attentive and professional. If you are in need of a podiatrist make this your first stop! You wont be disappointed.”
– Ariodante B.
“DR Stam is excellent in his work. I feel attention and care when I go for my appointment. I also like the way he explained my veins treatment sessions.”
– Linda Rabah
“Dr. Stam is very patient and dedicated. He explains thoroughly your condition and treatment, takes the time without hurry to answer your questions.”
– Mayra Segarra
“excellent excellent excellent the doctor was awesome my feet look a hundred percent better after one treatment”
– Lisa A.

“Affordable Foot and Leg Clinic is definitely my go to place when it comes to proper foot care and laser treatment. I used to be a competitive gymnast and a ballerina and I have had a lot of foot problems, so Dr. Stam at Affordable Foot and Leg Clinic has been extremely helpful when it comes to helping me with any problems I may have with my feet and legs.

Dr. Stam is literally one of the nicest doctors I have ever met and you can really tell he cares about each and every one of his patients. He has helped me with many problems and even calluses at the bottom of my feet that make it uncomfortable to walk sometimes and so I appreciate him removing and corns or calluses I have had.

Also I have spider veins on my legs and so I have done some laser treatment with him. I was kind of scared at first to do the laser treatment because I thought it would hurt, but quite to my surprise it didn’t hurt whatsoever, in fact I didn’t feel a thing and now I have very minimal spider veins, I have to schedule another appointment to get more treatment for my veins and I am looking forward to it. I am very appreciative of Dr. Stam with his help and being so affordable.

If you need something done with your feet or legs or want laser treatment then I highly suggest visiting Dr. Stam, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either – amazing customer service and I just am always 100% completely satisfied every time I visit Affordable Foot and Leg Clinic.”
– Arianna Shaffer

“Dr Stam’s professionalism and medical know-how are very obvious from the first moment. I am a healthcare provider myself and I was dully impressed with the cutting-edge technology in his office. I feel like he has a laser for everything. His bed-side manners and the comfort level he conveys to his patients are really rare in an industry of uncertainty. So far, two family members not including myself have visited Dr Stam for different reasons and we have all sang his praises. For my patients, I recommend no other Podiatrist!”
– Dr. JM
“On April 19,2011 my mother (86 yrs old) visited Dr. Craig Stam concerning the care of her foot health. A gentle and caring podiatrist sent from heaven. When started treatment with Dr. Stam, my mom’s feet were a real challenge, very difficult to heal and manage, a long process.. Dr. Stam obtained test after test to allow the best results. Months later, my mom’s toes are showing great improvement and with continued treatment we are expecting a complete healing.”
– Bertha Ward
“Dear Dr. Stam and Staff,
After my husband injured his foot, we looked for a podiatrist in our neighborhood and came upon Dr. Stam’s office, the Affordable Foot and Leg Clinic. Because his injury was more than we realized, my husband saw Dr. Stam over a period of 2 months. Both Dr. Stam and his staff, Aixa and Marjorie, were so caring and welcoming from the beginning and we built a very close personal relationship with them. My husband not only was treated for his immediate injury, but Dr. Stam also attended to some other foot and health issues. He was amazing and was right on top of the treatments. He was genuinely concerned, knowledgeable and helpful.
We do not live in Florida, so upon return home my husband saw his doctor who thought George had received excellent care. We are thankful we found him.”

– George and Elaine Zanicchi
“Dr Craig is Awesome, If you have a foot or ankle problem he is the solution!!!! Former 3x World weight lifting champion and professional tennis player and coach
– Lou LaVarro
“Dr. Stam and Aixa are the best! They are extremely professional, attentive and always make themselves available to their patients. Dr. Stam is highly skilled I would recommend him to anyone looking for a podiatrist in the area.”
– Nicole S.
“I have been a patient for over 1 year. My initial visit was concerning toe fungus since beginning treatment I have eliminated the problem. Now I am not embarrassed to go to the beach. Dr. Stam is a courteous, attentive and very knowledgeable. I will continue being a patient and I recommend anyone with any foot or leg related problems to consult him. The staff goes the extra yard and is super friendly. Contrary to other medical visits, it is always a pleasant experience at Dr. Stam’s….
– Marcella L.
Perfection all around. Dr. Stam is excellent. Very caring, takes his time, very helpful. The staff are such lovely people. Everything about my visits here have been so pleasant. Highly recommend!!
– Eleanora R.
“Dr.Craig Sam and his Assistant are very kind, and professional. Nice first impression. I m looking forward to complete my six sessions.”
– Electra C.